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I would like to ask Carol Berger to provide just one (1!) proof of Brahms alleged passionate and active anti-Semitism. This is such blatant nonsense that I cannot even begin to think where to start vindicating Brahms of something he never committed and was never accused of by any of his (or even Wagners) biographers. This is an interesting trick to try and belittle Wagners anti-Semitism through the accusation of his rival(?) Brahms as if saying so whats to it - everybody did it. Well, not everyone did it as badly as Wagner. This nonsense (and thats an understatement) is only second to Carol Bergers branding of Wagners writings as pretty unfortunate. Well, know you that in his Jewry in Music (and not Judaism/Jews in Music as the book is sometimes erroneously called in English), a major milestone in European anti-Semitism, Wagner did not just treat the issue of Jews (allegedly) hindering European music, but was among those who laid the foundations to the German Rrace Theory by stating: I view the Jewish race in particular as the born enemy of the racially pure man and of any nobleness in him; I am convinced that they especially will destroy us Germans". This is not trivial bourgeois anti-Semitism or pretty unfortunate. Shame on Carol Berger. (For full disclosure: this is written by a Jew who likes Wagners music, but likes Truth even more)

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